About us

Ariel McFadden the Founder & Chairman is a current resident of Lincolnton, NC.  She's married to her wonderful husband Edward McFadden who is an Electrical Engineer at McGuire Nuclear Station.  They have 3 children and are members at First Baptist Church in Lincolnton.

Ariel has more than 15 years experience in the childcare industry where she has transformed struggling childcare centers and after school programs into thriving institutions. Parents feel safe leaving their children in her care. Her passion for children and personality resonates with parents and children throughout the community that houses her clientele.


In her most recent leadership roles in childcare, Ariel has increased student enrollment by 40%, sustainability by 75%, and 30% of each institution’s former clientele returned months after her arrival because of her great leadership skills.  In her last leadership role in 2015 as Site Coordinator at the YMCA After School Program (i.e. St. James Elementary) in Denver, NC Ariel had a chance to build a strong team while putting a new S.T.E.M and Science program into practice.  Not long after building a strong team and implementing the new programs, students and parents fell in love with her & her programs. The programs were so successful that parents were eager to hear about their child’s experience each day!

Aside from programing there were several characteristics that made Ariel standout from her peers in the childcare industry.  When your child is in her care safety, family time, & daily encouragement are key attributes that she possess that parents gravitate towards. 

Given her pass success Ariel has decided to expand her love of children even more  by opening the D-Xperience.  D-Xperience will specialize in After School Care & Summer Camps.  By opening D-Xperience, children of all walks of life will experience a safe, loving, & caring environment at all times.  They will not only have fun but make new friends, while learning with their hands and growing their minds.